Mahogany Clay Pavers

230 x 114 x 50



Littlehampton Pavers are an Australian favourite for over 120 years.

Littlehampton pavers can be seen in many public places, in homes and throughout Australia. Builders, Renovators, Architects and Building designers recognise the quality and reliability of Littlehampton Clay pavers and appreciate the colours and textures that only kiln fired Clay Pavers can provide.

Littlehampton’s rich earthy tones add natural character and distinction to any paving project and can be mixed to form interesting design statements. Beautiful, strong, striking and versatile; Littlehampton pavers provide a timeless element in landscaping design.

Littlehampton Kiln Fired Clay Pavers offer an array of vivid colours and textures that help create Beautiful landscape designs and evoke sophisticated style and natural beauty. Our pavers are suitable for pathways, patios and domestic driveways.

Proven to last, Littlehampton Clay Pavers offer Beauty and quality that only one of Australia’s most experienced Brickmakers can deliver.