Luxe Engineered Limestone

600 x 400 x 40
Coral Luxe Pavers

600 x 400 x 30
Quartz Luxe Pavers


Luxe Range

600 x 400 x 40mm

Coral Limestone Pavers 

Freo Stone Paving manufacturers its pavers using only the highest grade raw materials. Innovative robotic levelling, mixing and waterproofing techniques ensures the ingredients and colours are evenly infused throughout the entire thickness of the pavers. Available in various sizes and shapes, all of large format premium appearance.

Featuring the thermal properties of Western Australian limestone, our locally manufactured paver range offers lasting strength, versatility and unmatched cool to touch paving options.

Quartz Pavers 

Strong, non-slip and of striking appearance, this paver contains Western Australian aggregate and delivers an individual look that site poured imitations just can’t match. Each paver is precisely manufactured and then the face surface is power blasted with steel shot, exposing the beauty of the aggregate within without washing away the surface strength or integrity. Unlike washed aggregate surfaces, blasting ensures a slightly blunt finish more forgiving on bare skin which is particularly important around pools. A finish which is still not as slippery as honed surfaces.