FormBoss REDCOR Garden Edging 100mm


FORMBOSS REDCOR 100mm – 2440mm x 1.6mm

Rounded top edge

includes 1 x Connector & 4 x Screws

(Stakes sold separately)


The Complete Steel Garden Edging Solution


FormBoss® is Australia’s largest and preferred metal (galvanised, stainless and redcor steel) DIY landscape, garden and lawn edging manufacturer
FormBoss® is the original innovator of a complete steel garden edging
system. A market leader in quality and safety, all FormBoss® products
feature a rolled lip that covers the stakes and connectors, leaving no sharp
edges, safe for pets and children. Favoured by professional landscapers
for well over a decade, FormBoss® is now being used and recognised by
retail customers for its ease of installation and stunning results.

• Flush ground level definition
• Pathway definition
• Lawn edging
• Mulch retention
• Garden bed dividers
• Weed barriers
• Raised garden beds
• Tree rings
• Planters
• Retaining walls
• Garden stairs
• Terracing

REDCOR Stakes 2.5mm (Sold Separately)

240mm – $4 each
300mm – $6 each
400mm – $7 each

(Min 3 stakes required per 2440mm length at 800mm apart for warranty purposes)

FormBoss® is stronger than aluminium and traditional edging materials. It holds its shape for many years and we have options to suit all types of strength requirements.

Create the shapes you want, from intricate curves to endless straight lines, even right angle bends without a cut and join. Create flawless arches down to 400mm radius on site with our rubber forming strip, or down to 650mm radius without it!

Create a seamless line with virtually invisible joins. All fixings are concealed under the soil level. You end up with distinguished clean lines and clear contrasts throughout your design, every time.

Steel does not crack, split, rot, dint, burn or invite termites or pests and we guarantee all our edging systems for at least 10 years! It will also stay in shape better than most edging systems.

The rolled top lip on all of our systems conceals the connectors and stakes, and leaves you with a rounded top lip that’s completely safe for both kids and pets. We have sold edging to many different schools Australia wide.

Suitable for footpaths, driveways, retaining walls, garden beds, tree rings, planter beds, water tank bases, formwork, grass barriers, creative gardens and steps. We supply three finishes, eight different heights and three different gauges (steel thicknesses), you’re only limited by your imagination!

Cheaper than plate steel, aluminium and concrete edging. FormBoss® will save you from reinstalling the same traditional edging systems every couple years or so, so you will actually save money and backache by installing FormBoss® just the once.

Easy to Install
Anyone can do it! No experience necessary. Take a look at our installation video, it’s much easier than you think. Doesn’t matter whether you’re installing into an existing garden or starting from scratch.