Dark Grey Granite


240 x 400 x 20
Bullnose $24 each / $61 lm

400 x 400 x 20
Paver $27 each / $169 m2
Bullnose $32 each / $81 lm
Rebated $78 each / $195 lm

600 x 400 x 20
Paver $41 each / $169 m2
Bullnose $49 each / $81 lm

600 x 600 x 20
Paver $61 each / $169 m2


Dark Grey Granite is a superb dense and durable stone. It is very slip resistant making it an excellent choice for when non-slip is a priority. Its cool tones offer a modern, urban look favoured by architects and designers. It is accurately sized, cuts well and is easy to lay. Remember dark colours retain more heat – so we would suggest not using this product in a continuous full sun position in the northern half of the country. There is minimal variation from tile to tile. The tiles contain a small amount of mica which sparkles in the sun. Some pieces of Dark Grey Granite may display minor white veining which adds visual interest.

A P5 (V) pendulum classification, (AS 4586) “New surfaces” is the highest wet pendulum classification available under the current standards. For pool surrounds, a minimum of P4 is required.

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