Ash Clay Pavers

230 x 114 x 50mm



The Advantages of Clay Pavers

They’re Natural
Clay Pavers are a high-quality natural product Made from Natural Clay and Water.

They don’t fade in the sun
High temperature firing over 1100c ensures colour will never fade.

Slip Resistance
The Unique textures of Clay Pavers gives a slip resistance, even on wet driveway or pathways.

For driveways and other heavy load areas, nothing beats clay pavers for strength and durability. Similarly, for pathways, patios and other foot traffic areas, clay pavers are ideal.

Easy Maintenance
Clay pavers are hard-wearing and easy to maintain. Usually, all it takes is a mild detergent and a little scrubbing to clean even heavily soiled clay pavers. In most cases they can just be hosed down or swept clean.

Environmentally Friendly
Clay pavers are a kiln-Fired product made from a readily available, naturally occurring Clays. No environmentally damaging chemicals are used in their production.

Clay pavers are the time-tested, timeless choice. They never go out of style and you will never tire of their warm, natural beauty and can be easily recycled.

Good Value
Clay Pavers are natural in appearance and maintain their colour even after long-term exposure to the sun’s UV radiation. Clay pavers can last over a thousand years.