Natural Himalayan Sandstone


400 x 400 x 20
Paver $17 each / $109 m2
Bullnose $22 each / $56 lm
Rebated 20/40 $32 each / $84 lm



Natural Himalayan Sandstone is rustic with strong variation in colour and smoothness from tile to tile. With a blend of green, grey, cream, brown and orange tones, you will be able to match this stone to any colours around your home. The surface is naturally split along veins giving an uneven texture.

Himalayan Sandstone is hard but porous making it more susceptible to mould and marking. It is cool underfoot and very slip resistant. Thickness variation is present as the surface is split. A grout joint of around 10mm is recommended as variation in dimensions is not uncommon. Seal with a penetrating, consolidating sealer to make cleaning easier and reduce the effect of salt attack. Do not use strong acid to clean.

A P5 (V) pendulum classification, (AS 4586) “New surfaces” is the highest wet pendulum classification available under the current standards. For pool surrounds, a minimum of P4 is required.

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